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Urbanite Homes changes the landscape for today’s homebuyers. It has the ambition to reach continuity through controlled growth by offering our clients a unique chance to invest in themselves and the community.

The Firm

Urbanite Homes is an international progressive real estate investment and development company with diverse passions and expertise in residential and commercial projects. The company is anchored by both the education and the strong experience of its owners in real estate development and design, as well as institutional finance. This allows Urbanite to responsibly and successfully execute a multitude of acquisition and development opportunities. Urbanite Homes prides itself on project involvement: from searching and purchasing properties to hands-on project management during the renovation and delivery of the listing materials for the real estate seller. This allows Urbanite Homes to market its properties in the most dynamic way.

Urbanite Homes is active in the U.S. and in the Netherlands. Recognizing a slight recovery in the Dutch real estate market in the last quarter of 2013, Urbanite Homes has successfully employed the same proactive approach in Holland as it has done domestically.

Urbanite Homes conducts extensive research to determine which cities, neighborhoods and streets are most desirable. Based on its continued analysis, Urbanite Homes is on the forefront of trends and market progression. Priding itself on the ability to predict future real estate movement, Urbanite Homes has a keen ability to identify the perfect properties for its target market.

Urbanite Homes‘ primary business is to offer high quality living to urbanites. Urbanite Homes achieves this either by restyling poorly maintained homes to modern standards or by building new sustainable, green developments. On a larger scale, Urbanite Homes contributes to society in the following ways:

Adding financial value to properties in upcoming neighborhoods
Creating job opportunities by employing local firms and workers
Adding aesthetic value to neighborhoods by bringing architectural history back to life

Core values


By focusing on upcoming neighborhoods and producing high quality and error free homes, Urbanite Homes has a reliable and transparent reputation amongst home buyers.


By keeping corporate costs low and delivering homes that qualify for FHA loans, Urbanite Homes remains intent on bringing homes to the market in line with its target group’s budget.


High Design

Offering home buyers exclusive looks and unique European style, Urbanite Homes is known for its discerning taste and flawless design execution. Urbanite believes it is a necessity not a luxury.


Balancing preservation with eco friendly materials, Urbanite Homes is proud to incorporate reclaimed and up-cycled materials in every home.

Say Hello


Marieke’s natural curiosity and strong entrepreneurial mind led her to several studies, jobs and places around the world. Earning her international M.B.A. from Nyenrode Business Universiteit and studying at Kellogg, UCLA and IIM Bangalore prepared her for a new business adventure.
Today she is based out of east LA doing what she loves most: redefining architectural landscape for urbanites. As the founder of the company, Marieke is at the forefront of all Urbanite Homes’ projects. Since 2012 she has reimagined more than 25 residential and commercial properties in the US and in the Netherlands. Marieke is currently redesigning several hotels in and around LA. Her creativity with spaces and high-end design style have developed an expansive path for the future of the firm. Marieke is a highly sought after design and renovation innovator.


Gert-Jan has an extensive background in commercial development and sales management. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of financial services. Until recently, he was the commercial director and part owner of Qmulus financial services in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Due to Urbanite Homes’ huge success in Los Angeles, Gert-Jan took on a full time position in the company when it opened it’s doors in the Netherlands. In 2014 he started acquiring properties for the company in the Netherlands. Gert-Jan has been a partner in Urbanite Homes since it was founded. Together, Marieke and Gert-Jan determine the global strategy of Urbanite Homes. With his excellent management and negotiation skills, Gert-Jan paves the way for solid expansion.


Rene’s passion is connecting with and helping others achieve their dreams. Real estate is the perfect vehicle for her to make a difference in people’s lives. She understands that a house is more than four walls and a roof. It’s where you celebrate life’s wins, recuperate from its blows and plan for the next big adventure. Rene is a proficient and experienced negotiator with a knack for solving problems.
Rene has joined forces with the prestigious John Aaroe Group to create a powerful and progressive partnership. She comes highly recommended with glowing reviews from both buyers and sellers.


Kathleen Sloan is a professional violinist living in the Los Angeles area. Having performed in concert halls across the world, her travels have exposed her to a multitude of cultural aesthetics. While music has consistently been her vocation since graduating from the University of Southern California, Kathleen has always hoped to apply her love of design to a second career in architectural design.
By combining discipline and creativity, Kathleen has carried her passion for both art and organization into her work with Urbanite Homes.


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